Consider the Wildflowers

Consider the Wildflowers

Friday, June 10, 2022

We took a little road trip a few weeks ago. I noticed along the road there were massive clusters of pretty little flowers growing on each side of the road. Some were purple and some that were yellow.  I believe the flowers are called “flocks”… at least the purple ones are. They were such a pretty display framing the countryside road for miles and miles.

God’s design always amazes me.  When I paint or draw, I see so much detail. Can you imagine the Creator’s eye for detail?  It is far more than our human mind can comprehend. It is also far more than our natural eye can see. We see the surface, but an intricate system develops from the seed that finally becomes a blossoming flower. The roots then become a vast system, even entangling together from one flower with another.  We don’t see the roots working, yet we know, the roots maintain nutrients for each flower.

When God Paints the World

In art class, we learned about the colour wheel. Each colour has a complimentary colour. There are primary colours which are red, blue, and yellow. The complementary colour is the colour directly adjacent when you look at the colour wheel. 

The flowers I saw on the roadside were purple and yellow.  If you look at the primary colour yellow on a colour wheel, the complementary colour is purple.

Even in nature, God has designed everything to be completely complimentary.  No one planted those flowers there. They grew organically, even in their colour scheme, complementing one another in their natural habitat.

… and so, we consider the wildflowers. Just like us, God places us in a position and we can draw from the resources around us, to grow and blossom. It’s just as the saying says, “we bloom where we are planted”. We complement our surroundings just like the yellow and purple coloured flowers complement each other in their natural surroundings. So beautifully the flowers naturally decorate the roadside, even though they are not the same colour. The flower’s roots co-exist, side by side, drawing nutrients from the same soil as they are enriched by the rainfall.

Let the wildflowers be an example. We co-exist, although we don’t look the same. Our skin colour, our culture, our ideas and our goals all vary. The variation can be a drastic or subtle difference on the outside and each soul still draws from the same surroundings.  However, the location of our surroundings can affect our ability to survive. Flowers who thrive best in the sun, will not survive very long in the shade. Flowers who survive in the tropical atmosphere will not survive in the harsh winter snow.

The lesson of the wildflowers is simple. Yet, it is one of the most beautiful and wisest lessons that the Heavenly Father wants us to understand. We thrive best when we bloom wherever the Creator, our Heavenly Father has planted us.  Liken the soil, rain and the sunshine to the grace of God in our lives. We grow as we draw from our surroundings and the grace of God in our lives.  In all our glory, we exist together because the different colours, shapes and sizes of our physical nature, complement each other. Just like the wildflowers, we are designed to be rooted deeply side by side. We are designed to be entangled, with a supportive root system that causes us to thrive together, yet we are different, still blooming where we are planted.